Forestry Company in Zalaegerszeg

The Forestry Company in Zalaegerszeg manages 10931-hectare forest areas in state ownership in the regions of the Göcsej-Downs, East-Zala-Loess-Land, Low-Kemenes-Ridge and Kemenes-Bottom. Remarkably variable tree species compound and dispersion of the areas characterise the forest area with heterogenic endowments.
The forests managed by the company are situated on the one third of the areas of Zala County. Silviculture activities are carried out in north-south direction from Zalavég to Söjtör, in east-west direction from Zalaapáti to Böde, in smaller and bigger blocks of forests. The area distribution of the tree species is the following: common oaks 11%, sessile oaks 19%, Turkey oaks 12%, beeches 18%, hornbeams 8%, acacias 17%, other hard leaves 3%, other soft leaves 3% and pine types altogether 9%.
The conversion of tree populations with a deteriorated structure has been carried out both in the past decades and nowadays, as a result of which valuable, native oak species will appear on the area, at the expense of acacia, Turkey oak and spruce populations.

The forestry company carries out seed-originated natural reconstruction on a 50-hectare area (reduced area), suckering on 70 hectares, artificial forestation on 40 hectares, and replacement of continuous forest restocking on 25 hectares. 1000-hectare of forest restocking in progress has to be cultivated and protected in average in a year Cultivation of completed forestations has to be accomplished on almost 110 hectares and clearing on 160 hectares as well. The forestry company operates two smaller nursery gardens for their own needs.

The annual wood logging of the forestry company is 85000 gross m3. The volume of wood of end use takes 50000 gross m3 of it on a 150-hectare area involved. In favour of tree populations of a better quality growth accelerating thinning is accomplished on about 400 hectares annually, and selective thinning on 200 hectares. Because of the high proportion of Turkey oak, hornbeam and acacia species the distribution of cordwood assortments is high in opposition of log-types.

442 hectares of the forests managed by the forestry company have public welfare purposes. At the eastern entrance of Zalaegerszeg, at the road 76 the 42-hectare Arboretum in Csácsbozsok and walk forest are situated. The Low-Forest, which is an old traditional hiking are of 235 hectares, is located in the neighbourhood of the residential area on the south-western part of the town. The sight of the forest park is the Azalea-Valley. It is well worth remembering the forest reserve of the Recluse Garden, which is one the most excellent mixed forest populations of sessile oaks, beeches, and hornbeams of Zala County and the growing region of several rare plant species, at the border of the settlement of Nagykapornak.

The entire area of the forest reserve is 156.9 hectares.
The forestry company manages game farming on a 7503-hectare area.

Director of Forestry Company: Csaba Pintér
Stellvertretender Förstereidirektor, Forest Manager: Richárd Jóna
Forest Manager: Tamás Pintér, Petra Seres


Address: 9. Egervári Street, 8900 Zalaegerszeg
Phone: +3692510250
E-mail: zalaegerszeg@zalaerdo.hu