Nyitnikék Forestry School

Where just birds fly – beyond the village of Obornak, the dead-end-village – Nyitnikék Forestry School is situated in the forest

Not only guests who like silence, fresh air and nature but everyone who would like to get to know the colourful work and activities of foresters from the horse’s mouth are recommended to visit this place. Besides the training room that is well equipped with a lot of interesting things such as anatomical preparations, a microscope, documentary books and toys and it is also suitable for receiving forty guest, an indoor workshop-room can also provide a venue to groups to explore things and to enjoy DIY activities.

Holiday makers will be highly welcome on two marked routes with different difficulty-levels:
The two-kilometre-long Dwarf Pine Path which is suitable for kindergartners and young pupils to take a shorter walk in the forest

The four-kilometre-long Sequoia Hiking Path will be recommended for both young children and adults.

Children are welcome at the facility all year long and they will definitely spend their free time there usefully and full of excitement.

Pedagogues are also given the opportunity at the forestry open-air school to teach some parts of their curriculums in the nature; and it does not only concern the subjects of Science or Biology.

Our Open-air School in the forest has been operating as an open-air school in the forest in accordance with the qualification by the Department of Forest Open-air Schools of the National Forestry Association since 2015 and also as an open-air kindergarten in the forest in accordance with the qualification by the National Association of Teaching Centres for Environment- and Nature Protection (KOKOSZ).

If you spend more days there, you can stay at the spacious “Nyitnikék” Forest Hostel. There are large bedrooms, both of them are equipped with 20 beds and an individual bathroom, one is for boys and the other one is for girls; there are rooms for teachers, a small kitchen suitable for warming up dishes and a spacious communal hall used as a dining room as well.

For further information

Nyitnikék Forestry School
Eszteregnye Outskirts, 8882 Eszteregnye-Obornak
Leader: Anita Kuczkó
Mobile: +36302944385
E-mail: kuczko.anita@zalaerdo.hu, kozjolet@zalaerdo.hu