The Szentpéterfölde-Pond is situated in the depth of beech-woods and welcomes both holiday-makers and fishermen in a fascinating forest environment. Guests staying for more days can be accommodated in the Fisherman’s Cottage in Szentpéterfölde.
The water demand of the 14.6 hectare pond is provided by the Töröszneki-Stream with rich water discharge and by precipitation. The water area which was used for fish and mallard breeding earlier is used only for recreation purposes currently and is an ideal place for fishermen. A rain shelter built on the eastern side of the pond, benches and tables provide the comfort of guests arriving there.

Szentpéterföldei Horgász Lak

The pond with rich fish-population is appreciated among the fishing waters of Zala County and you can go fishing there with both daily and weekly tickets for the given fishing area at the eastern side of the pond. As for predator fish species you can catch Northern pike and zander; as for the peaceful fish species you can catch tench, carp and bream species.

The fish species stocked in the greatest quantity by the owner is the carp but its population is not a reproducible population. Tench and mixed bream species of Balaton and Small-Balaton have occasionally been stocked. The main predator of the water reservoir is zander because of the open-water habitat but the parts of the shore with aquatic-plants, reeds and bulrushes are appropriate for Northern pike.
As for peaceful fish species carp bream species, as for predator fish species Northern pike and zander can reproduce themselves successfully.


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