Forestry Company in Nagykanizsa

The Forestry Company in Nagykanizsa was established on 1st January 2004 with the merger of the former Forestry Companies in Nagykanizsa and in Bajcsa. The Forestry Company manages five forestry regions: the East-Zala-Loess-Land, the Kanizsa-Sand-Land, the Göcsej-Downs, the Kerka-Mura-Plain and the Inner-Somogy-Sand-Land, on an 11-hectare area. 90% of the areas have tree planting purposes, the remaining areas include areas for protection, seed production and for experiments, and i.e. there are forest parks as well.

The climate of the forestry company is affected by partly Mediterranean and partly Atlantic effects. Brown Loam forest soils appear the most frequently, whereas rust-brown forest soils can be found on the sand-lands.

There are different growing regions on the areas of the forestry company, including ones of extreme and of quite good quality. The composition of forest populations is quite variable.
As for the proportion of mixed tree species oaks 37.9%, beeches 10.7%, turkey oaks 7%, hornbeams 9.3%, acacias 81%, other leafy trees 14.3%, pines 12.7% will take in the proportion to the areas.
The forest populations of the forestry company are located mostly in smaller sparse forest blocks. The forestry company includes 16 forestry districts and 2 railway loading areas.

The main tasks of their reforestation activities include 100-hectar first taking-outs annually, replacement in the same quantity and more than 1000-hectare of cultivation. The growing tree stock is more than 3 million m3; the average volume of trees per hectare is 294 m3. Wood logging is around in average 65-70 thousand net m3 annually.

Besides traditional silviculture activities saplings are planted on a 61-hectare area intensively at the premises in Bajcsa, and ornamental tree plantation is carried out in the about 14-hectare ornamental tree nursery in Surd.

The forest company manages game farming on an almost 6000-hectare area. Visitors who would like to gain hunting experiences can be accommodated in in Obornak, in a modern hunting house which is suitable for 12 persons. As you can see from the facts mentioned above that the activities of the forestry company will cover the entire spectrum of silviculture.

Director of Forestry Company: György Illés
Technical Leader of Wood Utilization: Tamás Herk
Branch Leader of Wood Utilization, Deputy Director of Forestry Company: Attila Filák
Branch Leader of Forest Farming: Gáspár Levente Kiss
Technical Leader of Forest Farming: Tamás Jósa


Nagykanizsai Erdészet
Address: Törökvári Street, 8800 Nagykanizsa-Bajcsa
Phone: +3693537740
E-mail: nagykanizsa@zalaerdo.hu