Forestry Company in Letenye

The Forestry Company in Letenye manages the south-western corner of Zala County, right at the borders of Slovenia and Croatia, in the forestry regions of the Göcsej-Downs and the Kerka-Mura-Plain.
The area of the forestry company is 8816 hectares, almost 2400 hectares of which are protected areas primarily.
The growing tree stock of the managed state forests is 3 million m3.

Beeches are determining tree population types in the forest farming of the forestry company, which cover more than 60% of the area. The proportion of oak-woods is quite high, above 20%, whereas the proportion of scouts-pine-woods has decreased below 10% because of the damages caused by bark beetles. Long-lasting silviculture can be provided by the appropriate relations between tree species and age groups long-term.

Nowadays, due to favourable endowments 72000 net m3 can be logged by the forestry company in a year, in the proportion of about half-half form pre- and end use. The possibility of end use is 80 hectares a year, only 17 hectares of which is clear felling; however, as a result of the droughty periods of the past years the significant damages caused by bark beetles in spruce-woods have duplicated it. Possibility for selective thinning is about 170 hectares and the growth accelerating the thinning is 430 hectares annually. 20-30 hectares are forested in an average year and 50-60 hectares of natural regrowth develop. 1000 hectares of cultivation are uncompleted and 140 hectares are completed, 110 hectares of clearing is carried out and 70-80 hectares of forestations are completed in a year.

The hunting area of the forestry company is 16000 hectares, where big game hunting is managed in accordance with the conditions of the area.

  • Director of Forestry Company: Lajos Gyergyák
  • Branch Leader of Wood Utilization, Deputy Director of Forestry Company: Attila Molnár
  • Technical Leader of Wood Utilization: András Tivadar Varga
  • Technical Leader of Forest Farming: Gergely Németh


Address: 10. József Attila Street, 8868 Letenye
Phone/fax: +3693544900
E-mail: letenye@zalaerdo.hu