Forestry Company in Lenti

The forest populations of the Forestry Company in Lenti are located in the forestry regions of Low-Őrség, Göcsej-Downs, Kerka-Mura-Plain and of Low-Kemenes-Ridge.
The current picture of the forest was established by the forestations carried out in the end of the 1800s and in the beginning of the 1900s.

The diversity of the forests are characterised by the common-oaks-woods with mixed species of ashes along the River Kerka, scots-pine-woods with mixed species of leafy trees, hornbeam-common-oak-woods and by beech-woods. Scots pines can appear with a proportion of 41% both as a main or mixed species; their forest populations have excellent quality. Oaks have the proportion of 27%, beeches of 11%, hornbeams can be found on the entire area; forests are mostly of mixed species. Forest areas exceed 15600 hectares and the growing tree stock is about 5 million m3.
The forestry company usually uses improvement felling based on natural regrowth on the areas of end use (87 hectares); forests consisting of tree species standing on a non-appropriate growing region are restructured with artificial afforestation (57 hectares).
The area of thinning is about 900 hectares a year. The volume of wood logging is 90000 m3 thick wood per year; 7000 m3 of woodchips raw materials provide energy supply of several households and institutions.

The industry railway is also part of the openness of the forestry which serves the task of tourism nowadays as well; however, its operation does not belong to the Forestry Company in Lenti, but to the one in Bánokszentgyörgy.
The former, increasingly protected Selection Forest in Szentgyörgyvölgy, which preserves the memories of the old farmer’s selection cutting farming, is managed by the Forestry Company in Lenti. It is the part of the National Park in Őrség together with the more than 1000-hectare protected area; the continuous cover of forests is provided by the eternal forest and the temporary mode. Foresters pay attention to the protection and the development of natural values, in accordance with silviculture and wood production.

More than 5000-hectare forest areas are under the protection of Natura 2000.
The forestry company manages 23000-hectare hunting areas, on which two hunting houses can be found. The game population is of excellent quality, the main part of the area is a red deer reserve.

Director of Forestry Company: András Gróf
Branch Leader of Forest Farming, Deputy Director of Forestry Company: Judit Gergácz
Technical Leader of Forest Farming: György Molnár
Branch Leader of Wood Utilization: István Lukács
Technical Leader of Wood Utilization: Tamás Iványi
Technical Leader of Sales: Béla Dobó


Address: 11/A Táncsics Street. 8960 Lenti
Phone/fax: +3692551910
E-mail: lenti@zalaerdo.hu