Forestry Company in Bánokszentgyörgy

Our forestry company manages farming in the forestry landscape group of West-Transdanubien; in the Göcsej-Downs on an almost 10000-hectare area (forests of this area take 9216 hectares). Our operating area involves 24 municipality borders, in about 21 kilometres in north-south direction, and in 16 kilometres in east-west direction, mostly on the water catchment of the River Mura, and within this area on the water catchment of Low-Válicka.

Our forest areas are situated mostly in blocks, which is favourable considering farming activities. The endowments of our growing regions are rather good comparing them to other areas in Zala County. The height above sea level varies between 180 and 320 m. The climate is influenced by both ocean and sub-Mediterranean effects. According to the forestry climate classification it is generally the climate of beech-woods. The surface of the terrain is divided, hill ranges in north-south direction and valleys characterise the area, with steel hillsides on a lot of places. Brown loam forest soil (ABE, 83%) developed on the loam basic rock of loess of the native deposition is typical; however, several other soil types can appear.


Professional literature names the typical forest association of the area Beech-woods of Zala County, because of the character plant of the region that is vetches, (Vicio oroboidi - Fagetum), furthermore, there are other typical forest associations on the area like hornbeam-oak-woods (Erythronion-Carpinion); scouts pine-, alder- and, on a small area, acacia-populations can also be found.
The main line of our silviculture activities is determined by the natural improvement felling of our beech-woods. Natural improvement felling is implemented annually on almost 80 hectares, artificial first taking-outs and replacements are approximately 50 hectares per year. In case of artificial first taking-outs – in case of oaks – acorn-seeding technology is used possibly. There is a principle during replacement processes, in accordance with which beeches are not planted in beech-woods, just in oak-woods. Valuable mixed tree species are also preferred (sweet cherries, sycamore maples, crab apples and wild pears etc.), which are cultivated and produced in the nursery garden of ZALAERDŐ in Bajcsa.

A special feature of the natural improvement felling is the cultivation under the population as well, where it is intervened in favour of sustaining the regrowth. Forestations of about 70 hectares are completed yearly. Our completed forestations are continuously cultivated, and they are also cleared in some cases. The principles of population breeding used in forest clearing is that the mixing of young beech-woods is supported; oaks and mixed tree species have to be provided the appropriate place for growing even through scarifying elite beeches. Most of our silviculture tasks cannot be mechanised, they require handwork. Most of these tasks are carried out by entrepreneurs; some of them work in wood utilization in winter and in silviculture from spring to autumn.

Game management

Our company manages game farming on an about 21500-hectare area. We cultivate a considerable quantity of lands appropriate for games (60 hectares of arable lands, 387 of meadows). Our game shooting plan: 670 deer, 1100 wild boars (200 captures) and 400 roes. We have a 100-hectare fallow deer garden, with approximately 170 pieces of stock. Feeding experiments have been carried out in our poor roe population to improve quality since 1993 and we have measurable results. Our permanent hunting personal of 9 persons are in charge of game farming and hunting tasks, and their professionalism is guaranteed. Our hunter guests can be accommodated in our two hunting houses, both of them have ideal conditions.

Forest Railway

The railway company of the State Forest Railway in Csömödér, which has the longest, altogether 109-kilometre-long forest railway track in Hungary, also belongs to our forestry company. It joins more forestry companies and wood processing plants, passenger trains run on a 32kilometre-long track.

Director of Forestry Company: Ákos Pálinkás
Branch Leader of Forest Farming, Deputy Director of Forestry Company: László Vaski
Branch Leader of Wood: András Világhy
Technical Leader of Wood Utilization: Máté Babics
Technical Leader of Railway Operations: Dániel Horváth
Leader Hunter: Béla Csordás


Forestry Company in Bánokszentgyörgy
Address: 12. Kossuth Street, 8891 Bánokszentgyörgy
Phone: +3693546910
E-mail: banokszentgyorgy@zalaerdo.hu