Children can have the possibility to learn and play, to learn easily in forest environment in the lessons led by professional foresters both at the “Nyitnikék” Forestry Open-air School in Obornak and “Zakatoló” (Cluttering) Forestry Open-air School in Csömödér.
One of the main objectives of operating our open-air schools in the forest is to make children aware of the importance both of the forests and of the environment; in addition, we would like to strengthen the love and respect of nature in the new generations in this way. Our further objective is to give youth the opportunity to experience the work of foresters at close range; this work will include each stage of life of the forest: from sapling cultivation to wood processing.

Kindergarten and school groups and adults can apply for the lessons at the forestry open-air schools as well. Over the year our colleagues will organise several open-day programmes connecting to different days of any special events or to any world days.

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