Water Reservoir in Kistolmács

The Water Reservoir Kistolmács welcomes visitors in a fabulous environment, on a place which can be accessed easily and is situated between Bázakerettye and Letenye.
The 11.2 hectare dam water reservoir was established by the legal predecessor of ZALAERDŐ PLtd, by the Forest- and Wood-processing Company in Zala County in 1989. The pond is originated from the mid-1980s when during oil- and carbon-hydrogen-research, in consequence of a geological explosion, a spring with enormous water discharge got to the surface, which has been siphoning the water reservoir with the Béci-Stream together since then. The water area has a favourable location; it stretches in southern direction to the urban area of the settlement. The comfort of visitors arriving with their families be provided by a snack bar, an open-air swimming area and different outdoor toys.

You can get a real fishing experience as the pond has a diversity of fish population. You are allowed to fish on both sides of the reservoir if you possess either a daily or a weekly ticket for the given fishing area. As for predator fish species you can catch asp, Northern pike and zander; as for peaceful fish species tench, carp and bream species.

The fish species stocked by the owner in the greatest quantity is the large, three-summer carp. The bream species as a population with a great reproductive ability provide appropriate quantity of food for predator fish species, and they are a part of the prey of fishermen’s catch as well. After the pond construction works were finished in 2008, to establish and to increase the predator fish population pre-reared young fishes are stocked regularly, every year. The main predators of the reservoir are zander and asp because of the open-water habitat, however, the aquatic plants settling along the shore and the bushes on the western side bordering with forests are favourable for Northern pike.

The end station of the Csömödér State Forest Railway meandering between Lenti and Kistolmács, in the beech- and oak-woods is situated at the northern end of the reservoir, where the Forest Cottage in Kistolmács welcomes guests and fishermen arriving for more days.


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