Shooting ranges

Shooting range for hunters in Obornak

The shooting range for hunters was built on the area behind the Hunter House in Obornak at the end of the 1980s in order to give the opportunity to the technical staff of the Forestry Company in Nagykanizsa, mainly foresters and hunters, to improve their shooting skills and to use their weapons securely using the running target shooting range appropriate for practising the use of small calibre weapons.
At first, the shooting range for hunters was operated by the shooting club of MHSZ (Hungarian National Defence Association), which continued working known as Erdész Lövészklub (Forester Shooting Club) after the system change.
Hunter guests staying at the hunter house nowadays also enjoy practising on this shooting range.

Shooting range for hunters in Pusztaapáti

The shooting range in Pusztaapáti was built in the garden behind the hunter house in 1991. At first, skeet and tower shooting ranges were operated, and the range completed with an American-system trap machine later. This shooting range could give you then the opportunity to practise the hunter skeet, the trap and the tower besides the Olympic skeet.
Hunter skeet, which had already become traditional in the Western countries, could become even more popular in Hungary in the second half of the 1990s. Following this trend, the shooting range in Pusztaapáti was modfied as well and new skeet machines (rabbit, teal and battue) were built in, which could imitate the motion of both a flying bird and of a running rabbit. This shooting method could bear a real resemblance to the situations coming up during any situations hunting for small games.
After the shooting range had been improved, competitions both at the level of county and of country competitions could be organised as well, besides shootings of practice purposes.
Besides skeet shooting using shotguns, bullet weapons could be used on the shooting range which had been finished by the end of 2007. You can also practise shooting rabbits (single and double) and running foxes besides running wild boars.
You can do shooting using both big calibre bullet weapons and handguns (until 9,5 mm) on a 50-metre bullet shooting range. You can use the shooting range – after making arrangements in advance – to practise, to take proof shoots and to organise competitions, in the presence of a chief marksman competent in using weapons.
A hygienic plumbing unit also belongs to the shooting range

Shooting range for hunters in Sohollár

The shooting range in Sohollár – which was inaugurated in August 2016, on the occasion of the County Hunters’ Day – consists of an Olympic skeet shooting range, a trap shooting range connecting to it and a hunter skeet shooting range, where Italian MATTARELLI machines were built in. You can practise different types of skeet shooting disciplines.
Besides the shotgun shooting ranges a 100-metre bullet shooting range with two shooting platforms were established as well, where you can also use big calibre bullet weapons. The shooting range is appropriate both for practising and training shooting, preparing for hunter’s exams and for organising competitions. Guest hunters arriving at the hunting area can have the possibility to try the accuracy and the precision of their weapons before hunting.

Shooting range for hunters in Szaplányos

The shooting range in Szaplányos, which is suitable for sport shooting of different purposes, (skeet, rabbit and tower) was finished in 2001. A lookout-tower stands on the top of the 11-metre tower, where you can have a breath-taking view onto the town of Nagykanizsa, above the fish ponds of Mórichely.
Both our guest hunters, the professionals of the forestry companies and the members of the hunting companies from the neighbouring settlements like using this shooting range as well.

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