Natural Treasures

Lookout tower in Nagykanizsa

The lookout tower in Nagykanizsa has been the spectacle of the surroundings of the Boating Lake for long decades, and it is still popular both with the inhabitants of Nagykanizsa and with tourists.
The legal predecessor of our company, the Forest and Wood Processing Company of Zala County had the development plan of the forest park in Nagykanizsa made in 1971; the construction idea of a lookout tower was also mentioned in this plan. That time the oil platform which had been operated in Bázakerettye, Dióskál and Nagylengyel, was rejected by the Transdanubien Oil Industry Machine Factory.
Then it was set up on the eastern side of the Boating Lake and became a sight of the town. After a while the condition of the platform failed and after a decade Zalaerdő PLtd – as the property managing company of the forests in the neighbourhood – started dealing with the future of the object.

100 tons

The weight of the lookout tower in Nagykanizsa

48 metres

This is the height of one of the highest lookout towers of the country

2 lookout tower floors

at the height of 28 metres and 43 metres

230 stairs

must be climbed to reach the upper floor

The 125-million-investment has been implemented with the 88-million-forint-support of the Ministry of Agriculture and with our own financial contribution; this has been the greatest public welfare development of the past years in the life ZALAERDŐ PLtd. When we reconstructed the lookout tower our goal was that it must be a modern, good quality and long-lasting establishment which can expand the touristic offers of the region, giving real experiences to people visiting there.

The built-in new material takes about 30 tonnes and the total weight of the structure is almost 100 tonnes. The entire height of the monument made of metal and glass is 48 metres; the lower lookout tower floor is in the height of 28 metres and the upper lookout tower floor is in the height of 43 metres. It is the highest tower in Hungary. You can reach the upper floor after climbing 230 stairs. It is lit at night by reflectors and led lights. A modern electronic protection system and a smart access control system have been set up. Climbing the tower requires some courage and physical strength, but we will definitely be compensated by the breath-taking view from there. We would like this tower to be one of the most monumental symbols of the town, which can commemorate the oil mining industry of Zala County besides its real function as well.

Some information before the visit

  • 50 people are allowed to stay in the lookout tower at the same time. As the number of visitors staying in the lookout tower reaches 50, no new visitor is allowed to enter the gate by the access control system; no visitor is allowed to enter even if they have a valid ticket, just in case, if the number of visitors decreases under 50. When you purchase your ticket, please remember the closing hours and the number of visitors staying in the tower!
  • The price of the entrance ticket is: 500 HUF/person (including VAT), which can be paid either by cash with the banknotes marked on the ticket machine or by bank card with PayPass. (When using PayPass you cannot enter your PIN code; please take the general regulations of your bank into consideration!)
  • If you require an invoice including VAT, please call the following phone number: +3693500200
  • After the closing hours no new visitor is allowed to enter the gate by the access control system, it will only provide the visitors inside to come out.
  • In case of any technical faults or any other problems please call the following phone numbers: +36203538949; +36203509884

Opening hours

  • From 1st March to 31st March, each day a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • From 1st April to 31st August, each day a week from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • From 1st September to 31st October, each day a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • From 1st November to 28th February, each day a week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m