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1. ZALAERDŐ PLtd accepts that they provide the guest hunter (and their partners) the opportunity, at a predetermined time and place, to hunt, to obtain trophies and to use any hunting services.

2. The guest hunter is obliged to give their own personal details and those of their partners, the number of their valid Hungarian hunter’s ticket at least one week before the of hunting.

3. ZALAERDŐ PLtd provides a local accompanying hunter to each hunting place. Guest hunters are allowed to hunt just in the presence of the local accompanying hunter and they are allowed to kill the game that is identified by the accompanying hunter to be allowed to be killed.

4. Damages caused by the guest hunter during hunting have to be paid on the debit of liability insurance of the guest hunter. This insurance does not concern to the possible killing of protected games.

5. The trophy of the killed game is due of the killer, the game skin and the venison can be bought by the guest hunter for the price on the price list.

6. The wounded but not bagged game is considered to be killed as for number of pieces. The guest hunter is obliged to pay the price on the price list for wounding a game. If the wounded game is bagged during hunting, the total price has to be paid. If the game is bagged just after the guest hunter has left, price of wounding is subtracted from the total price, the remaining sum has to be paid by the guest hunter and they will possess the trophy only then.

7. In case of failed shooting the price for failed shooting on the price list can be charged. If the same game species is bagged during hunting as the failed one, no price is charged for failed shooting. In case of multiple failed shootings of the same game species, at the same place one-time failed shooting is charged.

8. The basis of invoicing is the shooting list signed by both counterparts (forestry of hunting and guest hunter). In case of invoicing of the trophy game the basis of the value of the invoice is the trophy weight determined by County Trophy Committee and the size (see on the price list).If the trophy is given a medal classification, the diploma issued by OTBB (Country Trophy Committee) and the medal shall be in due of the hunter without financial compensation.

9. The trophy size in the contract is just a target value as it is impossible to keep it exactly. Therefore, in case of obtaining a trophy that is either smaller or bigger than the one in the contract – if it is not killed at the request of the guest hunter -, the hunter is obliged to pay +/- 15 % of the trophy size in the contract. In case of a bigger weight difference the hunting organiser and the killer have to agree on the price to be paid.

10. The guest hunter is allowed to take the trophy just after paying the entire invoice.

11. The guest hunter and their partners are allowed to hunt only if they possess a valid Hungarian hunting-licence.

12. If the guest hunter behaves in a way that is unworthy of a hunter, the professional accompanying hunter is authorized to make the hunting finished.

Contacts - Zalaerdő Forestry Private Limited Company

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tel f +36-93/500-200
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fax f +36-93/500-250
mail fzalaerdo@zalaerdo.hu


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