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There are two water reservoirs with a barrage in the county possessed and operated by ZALAERDŐ PLtd.

The Kistolmács-Water reservoir with the size of 11.2 hectares is along the inner area; the Szentpéterfölde-Pond with the size of 14.2 hectares is situated in a breath-taking forest environment, in the depth of beech-woods.

You are allowed to go fishing on the lakes with a rich fish population if you possess either a daily or a weekly area ticket.

Fishing policy

Prices, ticket selling partners

Contacts - Zalaerdő Forestry Private Limited Company

cim f H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Múzeum tér 6.
tel f +36-93/500-200
mobil +36-30/474-2115
fax f +36-93/500-250
mail fzalaerdo@zalaerdo.hu


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