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Our private limited company manages game farming on four areas of the 51 game farming units of Zala County, on almost 74,000 hectares, at a high standard established by our predecessors. Our company is in charge of 45-50 % of forests within these hunting areas.

The countryside in Zala County with large contiguous forest areas and coloured with agricultural areas and vineyards provide an excellent habitat for big games. They are provided feeding stuffs in the beech- and oak-woods, and covert lairs in our young forests with thick underwood. Our company pays real attention to continuous development of the habitat of the game population, and to winter feeding of games, to the conditions of feeders and salters.

Our most significant game species is red deer that is world famous. To preserve the genome of the red deer population in Zala County the region of Nagykanizsa – Bánokszentgyörgy – Szentpéterfölde – Letenye and Lenti – Zalabaksa areas has been declared to have a special purpose by the Minister of Agriculture. The excellent quality of the deer in Zala County is proved by the fact that the proportion of gold medal trophies is the highest here. 16 of 50 antlers of red deer stags on the world record list of antlers of red deer stag are from Hungary and four from Zalaerdő.

Details of red deer stag bags from Septembers of previous years:

Year Trophy Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal Average weight with a medal Without medal Total average weight
  db % % % kg/piece % kg/piece
2011 173 15 23 30 8,26 32 7,09
2012 179 7 21 23 8,03 49 6,14
2013 168 4 21 27 7,88 48 6,24
2014 133 8 44 13 8,36 35 7,12
2015 131 12 24 23 8,48 40 6,68

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Our second most significant game species is wild boar. Each of our forestry companies organises wild boar hunting-tours with a pack in winter. To manage and use the wild boar population better wild boar gardens have been built in Lenti, Zalabaksa, Nagykanizsa and in Bak.

Our roe population is not significant; although trophy-quality has improved in the past years. Our small-game population is insignificant because of high proportion of forested areas.

Each of our five forestry companies deals with game farming. Each of them has a modern hunter house satisfying every demand, hunting devices maintained continuously on hunting areas and official hunters work everywhere who are well-prepared and qualified professionally.

Venison is sold to Öreglaki Vadfeldolgozó Kft. (Venison processing plant in Öreglak) established in 1981 which is in the part-ownership of Zalaerdő PLtd.

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Department of Hunting and Fishing
Adress: 8800 Nagykanizsa, Múzeum tér 6.
Phone: +3693500206
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Contacts - Zalaerdő Forestry Private Limited Company

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