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The acorn crops of leafy tree species meaning the main population provide the seed requirements of sapling production in our forests. Acorn collecting is periodical due to periodical crops of the main tree species – beeches and oaks. The acorn quantity collected yearly and sowed in the nursery garden changes in accordance with it; however, sapling quantity required to forest reconstruction can be provided even in case of weaker crops through buying good-quality oak and beech acorns with appropriate genetic basis. Peduncle and sessile oaks and beeches are sold in years with bumper crops of acorns.

Getting adjusted to the changes because of the access to the EU our seed-multiplication substance-sources with identified origin have been registered, thus they are in the National Register of Seed-Multiplication Substance-Source. There are almost 200 hectares of seed-production stocks and two seed-production plantations on the area of our private limited company: Scotch fir plantation in Surd and Larch tree plantation in Obornak.

Department of Silviculture
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Contacts - Zalaerdő Forestry Private Limited Company

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