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Forest reconstruction 
During forest reconstruction our aim is, as the result of our activities, to produce forests in Zala County consisting of valuable and indigenous tree species that are suitable for both the growing area and the landscape. Zalaerdő PLtd manages silviculture on about. 55,000 hectares, the area of the first taking-outs and replacements takes 850 hectares annually in average.
Nowadays, forests are reconstructed with leafy tree species primarily. As for coniferous species, Scotch firs, spruces and Douglas-firs are used as compound species.
Nature-like silviculture has been expanded on each area where it was possible under the growing area and the tree stock circumstances. The proportion of seed-originated natural reconstructions is between 40-50%; forests are reconstructed artificially (using saplings and sowing acorns) on the remaining areas.
Manual tools are used primarily and typically to perform afforestation.
Our afforestation is protected from damages caused by games with the help of special drugs used to alarm games and with fences.

Forest plantation 
Zalaerdő PLtd has suitable areas for forest plantation. Areas with suitable conditions for forest plantation have already been planted in the past decades.
We would like to contribute to the growth of forest areas of our country with further forest plantations in case of favourable conditions.


Department of Silviculture
Adress: 8800 Nagykanizsa, Múzeum tér 6.
Phone: +3693500214, +3693500215
Fax: +3693500252
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Contacts - Zalaerdő Forestry Private Limited Company

cim f H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Múzeum tér 6.
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